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Five tips to keep your iphone data cable from being damaged
Release time:2023-07-13

Cracks at the iPhone data cable interface have always been a heart disease for fruit fans. A data cable that is normally used, about a year or so, will not work. I wonder why Apple, a company that pays so much attention to details, doesn't make the data cable better. Is there any way to reduce breakage?

Because many Apple users report that their data cables are very bad, and they can replace several cables a year, especially the iPhone data cable. Of course, this is also because the iPhone is the most frequently charged among all Apple devices.

To understand the cause of the damage, first we need to understand the inner workings of the iPhone data cable.

In order to ensure the safety of the iPhone when charging, Apple added aluminum foil to the data cable for insulation. At the same time, in order to increase the service life of the data line, Apple added a metal mesh around the wire. In this way, the toughness of the data line is enhanced.

The interior of Apple's original iPhone data cable is divided into aluminum foil shielding layer, metal shielding layer, international four-color wire and strong tensile protection wire. The key point is this layer of metal mesh, which will wrap the entire data cable until it is inside the protective rubber ring. However, since the four wires are welded to different positions of the data cable interface, the metal mesh can no longer wrap the wire after the wires are separated. Therefore, the position of the connector becomes the most vulnerable place of the data line. We usually use mobile phones to charge. When plugging and unplugging the data cable, we usually directly pull the data cable body. If there are too many times, the position of the rubber ring of the data cable connector will bulge and then crack.