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Want to have a "longevity" data line? look here!
Views:2958 Date:2017-07-11
The number of machine charging more, and found that the data line interface is often disagree to break to see you, buy a new, one does not pay attention to the predecessor of the data line into the footsteps, Come and see how to maintain our data line ~

Data line plug gently as gentle
Please use the data cable when the gentle treatment, in the plug when the pin, please pinch the upper part of the data line hard plastic, try not to break in the place to operate.

Data lines to avoid close to heat We all know that the skin of the data line is colloidal, if close to the heat source or very hot mobile power, the data line susceptible to heat aging, reduced flexibility, the number of easy to break.

Data line interface installed at the spring
Remove the finished ballpoint spring. And then pull it a little bit, slowly into the data line, and then fixed rotation.

Data line interface wrapped around the tape
Wrapped around the tape at the data line interface wrapped around a few laps, although wrapped around a bit like a mummy, but really good operation, and easy to use.

Data line interface at the top of the thermal plastic suit
With a scissors will shrink the plastic shrink about 3-5 cm, and then cut the heat shrinkage into the data line. Prepare the lighter, the data line that section with a lighter to heat, when the heat shrink glue close to the data line when you're done.

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