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Throw away the data line Alpine launched the WiFi connection
Views:2872 Date:2017-07-11
Alpine "iLX-107" in the 2017 CES exhibition (International Consumer Electronics Show) on the shine of the Alpine "iLX-107" vehicle control system has a new action. It is the first third-party infotainment control system to support Apple CarPlay / Android Auto wireless connectivity with a 7-inch touch screen and support for LED backlighting and standard AM / FM radio capabilities. Throw away the data line Alpine launched the WIFI connected car In other words, you do not need ipod interface, or even throw away your car data line, because the wireless CarPlay / Android Auto means that you do not need to phone through the data cable and car connection, but directly with WiFi can Complete the connection. And the wireless CarPlay has the same function as the wired CarPlay, which supports making calls, accessing information, playing music, getting navigation, and Siri voice commands. Its simplicity is tantamount to when you get home, the phone automatically connected to the home of the WiFi, the car did not need from the pocket or bag out of the phone will be able to complete the connection. It is worth mentioning that they are connected through the 5GHz WiFi connection, so there is no need to worry about the efficiency of transmission between them.

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