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Mobile phone charger does not pull the number of annual energy consumption surprises
Views:2898 Date:2017-07-11
I believe that many people have a mobile phone charger plug in the indentation of the habit, with the charge with the use, very convenient. But you thought, this behind the power consumption in vain?
Foreign media ZDNet website technology author Adrian Kingsley-Hughes to explore this. His family has six smart phones and tablet computer charger, all connected to the power supply does not charge the phone, they will waste their own money how much money?
Adrian used the WattsUp PRO power meter to test the charger, and the results showed that an original Apple iPhone charger, the consumption of electricity per month for 130 watts, about 1.5 kilowatt hours per year.
According to 1 kilowatt-hour electricity bill of $ 0.18 (about 1.22 yuan) of electricity, a year's electricity bill, but $ 0.27. Even if there are six chargers, the annual electricity consumption is only 1 o'clock, not more than 2 dollars.
For most people, this figure seems to be in trouble to plug the charger into a pull, a year is not $ 2 it. In China, electricity is cheaper, even more unnecessary.
But Adrian thinks it's still necessary to unplug the charger when not in use.
First of all, non-original charger power consumption is much higher than the original, and the world's millions of chargers accumulated, the consumption of electricity is very impressive.
From the environmental point of view, each generating 1 kWh, will be discharged to the atmosphere 1 pound (about 0.45 kg) of carbon dioxide.
In addition, unplugging the charger is a good habit, can greatly reduce the risk of fire.

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