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Five little tips to make your iphone data cable no longer damaged
Views:2316 Date:2017-07-11
IPhone data line interface cracking has always been fruit powder heart disease. A normal use of the data line, about a year or so, it will die. I am so puzzled that the details of the company so why the data line does not do a little better. Is there any way to reduce the break?

Because there are a lot of Apple users to reflect their own data line is very bad, a year for a few, especially the iPhone data lines, of course, this is because in all Apple devices, iPhone is the most frequent charge.

To understand the cause of the damage, first of all we need to understand the internal structure of the iPhone data line.

In order to ensure the safety of the iPhone in the charge, Apple in the data line to join the aluminum foil for insulation treatment. At the same time, in order to increase the service life of the data line, Apple in the wire around and added a metal mesh, in this way, to strengthen the use of data cable toughness.

Apple's original iPhone data cable is divided into aluminum foil shield, metal shield, the international four-color line and strong pull protection line. Focus on this layer of metal, it will wrap the entire data cable until the protection of the rubber ring, but because the four wires were welded in the data line interface in different locations, so the wire is separated, the metal mesh can no longer wrap the wire. Therefore, the connector position has become the most vulnerable areas of the data line. We usually use the phone to charge, in the plug when the data line, are generally directly pull the data line body, the number of times, the data line connector apron this position will produce drums, and then split.

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