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new generation of USB interface standards are registered as trademarks of multiple Taobao sellers data lines are off the shelf
Views:3100 Date:2017-07-11
Concerned about the field of electronic technology, the "TYPE-C" the word should be very familiar with, it is a new generation of support USB standard connection interface, because the pros and cons of random plug, fast, small size, TYPE-C interface More and more electronic equipment support. But recently, some Taobao sellers' "TYPE-C" data lines (currently, Huawei, millet, Meizu, music, Google Nexus and other brands of some models are using TYPE-C interface) was under the shelves, because this Standard language, a company registered as a trademark in Dongguan. How is this all about it?

To Andrews mobile phone data cable, for example, plug the larger, rectangular socket, called Type-A. Common side of the flat, while some of the radian small interface, called micro USB. After 2015, some new mobile phones or electronic products with a small data interface, slightly smaller than the micro USB, both sides of the same arc, both positive and negative can be inserted, is the Type-C interface. Simply put, Type-C is an interface standard.

With the TYPE-C interface, electronic products come out, many manufacturers began to produce such data lines, but recently, some Taobao shop received a notice from the shelves, because the product with Type-C words, suspected trademark infringement, the product was complained frame. Many people in the industry are surprised, Type-C is the industry's common name, how can become a company exclusive exclusive trademark?

Reporters in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office website, query to the "Type-C" trademark registration information, the trademark owner for the Dongguan City Friends of the Friends of Industry Co., Ltd..

In April 2015, Dingyou registered in China Type-C, 5 months later, USB Association also applied for the USB-C and USB Type-C, USB-C has been registered, that is to say after the use of USB- C products have to pay expensive certification fees, unless it is living in the gray area.

The face of Dingyou Industrial complaints, Taobao sellers to Taobao complaints, in Taobao two after verification, the complaint and the dismantling measures were lifted. Dingyou said that the company to 1 yuan the cost of TYPE-C authorized to use the Chinese enterprises. But they want to lead the industry to foreign associations concerned about the relevant industry control, so the choice of complaints Taobao well-known seller.

Behind a trademark registration farce, is reflected in the Chinese electronics companies in the international standard R & D and development of the right to speak, to really solve this problem, relying on recruitment is certainly not work, and further improve research and development capabilities, improve intellectual property awareness, Become a standard setter, I am afraid the need for enterprises, the Government work together in many ways.

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